Sweet Treats

Eva's Apple Pudding €6.50

(Contains G, E, N, MK) Served with custard & cream

Lemon Meringue Pie€6.50

(Contains E, G) With Fresh Cream

Knickerbocker Glory€6.50

(Contains MK, E) Ice Cream, Fresh Fruit, Cream & Strawberry Coulis

Double Chocolate Brownie €6.50

(Contains G, MK, E) Choc Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream

Tom’s Raspberry Ribbon €6.50

(Contains MK, G) Pie not for Sharing

Brioche Bread ‘n‘butter Pudding€6.50

(Contains G, MK, E) Butterscotch Sauce

Strawberry Eton Mess€6.50

(Contains E, MK) Layers of meringue, fresh cream & strawberries

Mick‘s Hot Love €6.50

(Contains MK, E) Vanilla Ice Cream & Hot Berries

Layered Rhubarb & Custard Crumble €6.50

(Contains E, G, MK)

Nana’s Special Creamy Rice Pudding€6.50

(Contains MK) Strawberry Compote

Sticky Toffee Pudding€6.50

(Contains MK, E, G) With Butterscotch Sauce