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With our home baked bread (G)

[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Bruschetta ” dish_cost=”6.95″ dish_cost_currency=”€”](Contains G, N, MK, E) Topped with Buffalo Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Pesto[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Chicken Wings ” dish_cost=”8.95 Small €11.95 Large” dish_cost_currency=”€”](Contains MK, CY) Hot ‘n’ Spicy wings, celery spear, blue cheese & garlic dip[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Baby Ribs ” dish_cost=”9.95″ dish_cost_currency=”€”](Contains MK, S, SP) Slow cooked pork ribs glazed with BBQ sauce and served with chargrilled corn on the cob[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Feta Cheese Salad ” dish_cost=”6.95″ dish_cost_currency=”€”](Contains MK, N) Dressed leaves, Cherry tomatoes, Beetroot & Walnuts topped with Feta Cheese[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Feta Cheese Salad with added Cajun Chicken” dish_cost=”8.95″ dish_cost_currency=”€”](Contains MK, N) Dressed leaves, Cherry tomatoes, Beetroot & Walnuts topped with Cajun Chicken and Feta Cheese[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Prawn Pil Pil ” dish_cost=”12.95″ dish_cost_currency=”€”](Contains MK, G, C) Sauté Dublin bay prawns in a hot chilli & garlic oil, sourdough bread[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Beef Goulash Soup ” dish_cost=”7.95″ dish_cost_currency=”€”](Contains CY, G) Lots of beef, vegetables, herbs & spices served with Stock House garlic bread[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Brie” dish_cost=”7.95″ dish_cost_currency=”€”](Contains N, G, MK, and E) Pecan crumbed brie, raspberry coulis[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Fresh Irish Mussels ” dish_cost=”9.95″ dish_cost_currency=”€”](Contains M) Fresh Irish Mussels with Sauce Vierge[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Black Pudding Salad ” dish_cost=”8.95″ dish_cost_currency=”€”](Contains G, E) Tom’s finest black pudding tossed on the pan with bacon, sauté potato & topped with poached egg, tossed leaves & balsamic glaze[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Nachos” dish_cost=”8.95 or €7.95 Veggies ” dish_cost_currency=”€”](Contains G, MK) Chilli beef nachos, tortilla chips, sour cream & salsa OR Veggies with mix courgette, peppers & onion in a tomato sauce with melting cheese[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Goats Cheese Salad” dish_cost=”8.95″ dish_cost_currency=”€”]

(Contains N, MK) Mixed leaves, beetroot, glazed red onion, toasted walnuts, and balsamic dressing

[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Fish Cakes” dish_cost=”8.95″ dish_cost_currency=”€”]

(Contains G, MK, C, E, SS, N) Fresh cod, salmon & crab meat in a sesame crumb, chilli, coriander & lime mayonnaise, Rocket & pesto dressing

[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Crispy Potato Skins ” dish_cost=”6.95 ” dish_cost_currency=”€”](Contains MK, E) Topped with Crispy bacon, melting cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Sour cream dip[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Beef Carpaccio” dish_cost=”8.95″ dish_cost_currency=”€”]Served with Rocket, Parmesan & Olive Oil drizzle.[/stm_dish][stm_dish dish_name=”Stocky’s Sharing Plate” dish_cost=”17.95″ dish_cost_currency=”€”](Contains G, MK, CY, E, S) Chicken Wings (Your Way), Crispy Potato Skins, Chilli Beef Nachos & Smoked Applewood Wheel

Wings – Choose from Hot ‘n’ Spicy, Sticky Honey Glaze or BBQ Sauce[/stm_dish][/vc_column][vc_column][/vc_column][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]