Things To Do In Trim

Trim Visitor Centre

This is an exciting multimedia exhibition which paints a vivid picture of the historical background of the magnificent medieval ruins of Trim.

The exhibition portrays the pinnacle of Trim’s glorious past coincided with the early period of Norman power in Ireland. It demonstrates how the ruins of  Trim castle and the surrounding abbeys act as a testament to the great bygone era in Royal County Meath. Chroniclers, knights and kings emerge through the mists of time to recount the tale of the coming of the Normans to Trim, and of their astonishing influence which revolutionised Irish towns, farms and government.

The exhibition is available in English, French, German & Italian and is suitable for all ages.
A visit requires 45 minutes approximately. Audio Visual shows start on the hour and half hour from 10am every day. For more click here.

Town Hall,
Castle Street
Tel: 046 943 7227
Fax: 046 943 8053

Dig It, Kids

Tours of Trim and the ancient sites of the Boyne Valley, Co. Meath
Small groups (minimum two) are guided by expert Archaeologists and historians. This tour is a wonderful journey of learning in the ancient lands of the high kings of Ireland.

Week long day camps 10 – 4pm for children aged 6 – 12.

  • Summertime activities for children
  • Archaeology Camps for Kids 6 – 12
  • Ancient Ireland themed activities
  • For young people with an interest in Irish history and mythology, the saints and scholars, the warriors and Ancient celts.
  • 5 day camps held at Trim Co Meath

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